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Hall XXIV occupies the original Sala dell’Albergo of the Scuola Grande della Carità, where the more distinguished members would meet and where the confraternity’s most important documents and relics were held. The wall that leads to the current Hall XXIII was originally closed off and contained an altar surmounted by Antonio Vivarini and Giovanni d’Alemagna’s work that is now on the right wall between the two windows. The passage was opened up during the nineteenth-century refurbishing by Giannantonio Selva. The gilt polychrome ceiling, which was restored in 2011–2012 thanks to the Save Venice association, is one of the most important in Venice as it is the only fifteenth-century ceiling decoration still extant in the city. On the wall that leads to Hall I, viewers are offered Titian’s Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple (executed for this hall), and two teleri by Giampietro Silvio and Gerolamo Dente depicting scenes from the life of Mary.