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We are happy to allow group visits again, according to temporary terms.


Groups of 10 people max. coming with a guide can visit the museum on Monday mornings, from 8.15 to 14. Booking is mandatory.


From Monday, 2020 13th July, to Monday, 2020 August 3rd, the museum will be open also on monday mornings, exclusively for group already equipped with a guide, from 8.15 to 14. Please note that booking for the visit is mandatory, and that groups must be 10 people max., guide excluded.

We inform you that visits must follow these rules:


•          booking is mandatory and must be done not later than the friday preceding the visit. CLICK HERE FOR BOOKING

•          groups must be 10 people max., guide excluded

•          groups must come with their own guide. The museum does not provide guides.

•          groups must purchase at least 6 full price tickets (12€ each): ticket discounts are regularly applied, yet it is necessary to purchase at least 6 full price tickets (for example: in a group of 10 people, some of which eligible for discounts or free entrance, at least 6 people will pay full price, while the remaining four can benefit from the discounted or free tickets)

•          Each visit must not be longer than 90 minutes

•          Groups must show up at the scheduled time in front of the “Gothic door”, on the left of the main entrance of the museum

•          Visits are scheduled for the following hours: 8.15; 8.45; 9.15; 9.45; 10.15; 10.45; 11.15; 11.45; 12.15; 12.45

•          it is mandatory to keep social distancing and to always wear face masks in the museum rooms

•          groups are allowed to stay in the following rooms: I; II; III; VI; VIII; X; XI; XVIII; XX; XXI; XXIII; XXIV on the first floor, and in rooms 7 and 13 on the ground floor; while they can only pass through rooms IV; V; VII; IX; XIX; XXII on the first floor and through rooms 7; 8; 9; 10; 11 and 12 on the ground floor.


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