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Complimenti alla nostra direttrice Paola Marini che il 23 marzo ha ricevuto FIAC Excellence Award 2017 a New York! Ogni anno la Foundation for Italian Arts and Culture riconosce figure di spicco nella cultura italiana che operano sia in Italia che negli Usa. 
Proponiamo la lettura del suo discorso:

 La nostra direttrice Paola Marini riceve il premio FIAC a New York

Entirely sharing the aims of the reform of the Ministry of Culture introduced by the Minister Dario Franceschini, I hopefully made my experience and my best efforts available for this challenge. Put to the test, the task has proved to be much harder than I could ever imagine. 
Even before cultural proposals – that are part of a well-established practice – we need to work hard behind the scenes to create a service organization and feed a sharing mood and a spirit of openness, the only ones that can produce good results. 
However, despite the exceptional collections we keep, the path appears to be still very long and tough. In the case of Venice, the critical issues are to be found in the shortage of personnel of all kinds, in the lack of organization, in the difficulties in working together to achieve common goals.
That's why in such a delicate moment, even from a personal perspective, in spite of many results achieved and several beautiful ongoing projects, the FIAC award is a great sign of encouragement and stimulus for which I am truly grateful.
I’m glad to devolve part of the prize amount to the organization of the exhibition dedicated to the young Tintoretto that will open at the Gallerie dell’Accademia at the beginning of September.
In the photo: Francesco Genuardi, General Consul of Italy in New York; Paola Marini, director of Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia; Daniele Bodini, Chairman FIAC; Alain Elkann, President of FIAC; Marilyn Perry, Samuel H. Kress Foundation and World Monuments Fund.
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