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Hall temporarily closed for ongoing restoration work. The works are being moved for the new museum layout. 

These eight teleri were originally in the Sala dell’Albergo (or della Croce) in the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista, each depicting miracles associated with a fragment of the True Cross, which had been given to the Scuola confraternity and became an object of veneration.

The cycle dates back to the late fifteenth century, and precisely to between 1494 and the early sixteenth century, as can be seen from the dates written on the paintings and a 1590 work, the Miracoli della Croce (Miracles of the Cross). This book not only gives the period in which the works were undertaken and provides a description of each single miracle, but also lists the authors’ names: Gentile Bellini with the collaboration of Lazzaro Bastiani, Giovanni Mansueti, and Vittore Carpaccio. Initially, these artists were probably also flanked by Perugino (a telero that was destroyed and already replaced by the end of the sixteenth century) and Benedetto Diana.