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Hall temporarily closed for ongoing restoration work. The works are being moved for the new museum layout. 

This hall is entirely dedicated to the cycle Vittore Carpaccio executed for the Scuola di Sant’Orsola at the basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. The cycle depicts the story described by Jacobus da Varagine in his Golden Legend of the Breton princess Ursula who was betrothed to Ereo and slaughtered along with her entire retinue of followers by the Huns in Cologne as she was returning from a pilgrimage to Rome.

Carpaccio executed the episodes for the cycle in no particular order between 1490 and 1495, as he himself notes under his signature on some of the teleri. It is also just as likely, however, that some of the paintings were undertaken later, as can be evinced from some of the details such as the striking clock at Saint Mark’s which was not inaugurated until 1499 but can be seen in the background of the Arrival of the Ambassadors.