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Also known at the Polyptych of the Scuola dei Tagliapetra, the work was commissioned from Vivarini in 1477 by a group of brethren from the Scuola. The members of the confraternity are, in fact, portrayed in the central panel as they kneel at the feet of their patron saint Ambrose who is seated on a throne, surrounded in the side panels by Saints Louis and Peter on the left and Paul and Theodore (or Sebastian according to some scholars) on the right. In a white band beneath Saint Peter, there is an inscription bearing the artist’s signature and date, while in the section with Saint Paul you can read the name of Jacopo da Faenza, the engraver who worked on the frame that has since been lost. The central panel bears a dedication to the saint from the confraternity. The figure of Saint Ambrose from the polyptych in the Gallerie dell’Accademia is an almost faithful reproduction of the figure of Saint Augustine in the 1473 triptych, which is still in the church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, even though it accentuates the outline, which is here much more marked and geometrical, as demonstrated by the jagged lines of the saint’s robes, which reflect the effects of the wooden engraving.